Our Detailed Search Process

MBN Associates’ search process and industry expertise, coupled with our extensive network allows us to yield maximum results for our clients. This comprehensive personalized service begins with an on-site in depth needs assessment of your facility. This assessment combined with a thorough understanding of your individual facility’s culture and environment will enable us to reduce your search burden and allow you to hire the best individual for your organization.

Our Process

Client Meeting
We meet with the search committee, senior management and other appropriate company members. We perform a needs assessment to determine position responsibilities, candidate qualification criteria, personal characteristics required for a successful candidate, specific company and position enticements and a team oriented approach to successfully completing the search.
Position Profile
We will prepare a detailed position profile focusing on responsibilities, qualifications, enticements and a search plan for your review and approval.
Our research team will prepare our initial target list from our database of professionals, our network of sources and provide specific organizations that will have relevant prospects.
Initial Candidate Contact
Our team will initiate calls to these prospects to identify possible professionals for the opportunity.
Candidate Evaluation
We perform an in depth interview of candidates to determine technical proficiency and both organizational and personality fit.
Final Assessment and Presentation
We generally submit between three to five individuals for each position although this can be modified per client request.
Interview Coordination
We schedule meetings with the client and each candidate and coordinate time and travel itinerary.
Interview Follow-up
After each meeting, we perform in depth follow-up with the client and the candidate for both feedback and determination of the next step for the candidate.
When the client has identified the final two choices, we will perform the appropriate references of the individuals. We have our process but will modify it to the clients requirements.
As the search reaches its completion, we will work with the client to prepare a comprehensive compensation package and present and close the offer of employment.
We will assist in the resignation and the transition of the selected candidate. Once the candidate has started, we will work with you, the client, to assure a successful transition.